Thursday, May 01, 2008

More Premium Economy Offerings

Air France will reportedly be adding a Premium Economy class to their long-haul flights over the next year and a half. The seats are said to have 38 inches of pitch (typical economy seats are 31-32, depending on airline), and will have extra in-air amenities. The seats will be installed on all long-haul aircraft (including the new Airbus A380) except for the 747s, which are being phased out.

Other airlines are possibly jumping on this trend also. A good overall Premium Economy wrap-up article is on the (UK) Business Traveler website, which mentions that Air New Zealand, Qantas, British Air, KLM, bmi, JAL, and several other airlines are planning to either add or expand their Premium Economy product.

If, like us, you enjoy a bit of extra comfort short of a full-on business-class price, this is a welcome development.