Tuesday, May 13, 2008

International Airline Frequent Flyer Credit Card Bonuses

Here are the current (as of May 12, 2008) bonus offers for international airline frequent-flyer credit cards. The cards listed below are apparently available to U.S. residents. Generally, if we don’t list an airline, it’s because it doesn’t appear to offer a U.S. card or the information is unavailable. The cards offered by these airlines may be Visa, MasterCard, or American Express cards. As mentioned in our previous post about U.S. frequent-flyer credit cards, we suggest you visit Free Frequent Flyer Miles for a lot more info about airline frequent-flyer credit cards.

Some of these offers may be buried on sub-pages of the airlines’ websites. The terms and conditions may be different (such as only getting bonus miles if you fly within a certain time period, etc.) from typical terms you’ve come to expect for U.S. airlines cards. Most of these cards have annual fees (although at least one we know of, IcelandAir, offers a no-annual-fee card, but with lower bonus miles). Read everything carefully if you’re interested in any of these frequent-flyer credit cards. From what we can see, these are all typical U.S. bank credit cards – none are the up-and-coming international standard “chip & pin” cards. Note also that some international airlines value miles and reward flights differently than do the majority of U.S. airlines.

  • British Airways - 20,000
  • Lufthansa - 20,000
  • Korean Airlines - 15,000
  • IcelandAir - 10,000
  • China Airlines - 7,500
  • Asiana Airlines - 5,000
  • ANA - 5,000
  • Mexicana - free companion ticket