Friday, May 02, 2008

Hyatt’s a Riot

From our “Did anyone ask the marketing department?” files. Hyatt Hotels has a new “online travel community” called yatt’it. The company has put a trademark symbol after yatt’it, but they really needn’t have bothered – no one is going to infringe on that name. We’ve done brand marketing for dozens of companies, and have seldom seen names as dreadful as yatt’it. Oh, wait, we get it. They didn’t have to “talk to the marketing department” because this is from either the public relations department, or (from the sound of the name) was a Texas second-grade class project.

On the site, there are travel tips from “Gold Passport Members, Hyatt Concierges, and Frommer’s.” But it gets us rather suspicious when “Member” tips with high votes are posted by folks with screen names like Hyatthound and hyattleo. This is nothing more than a Hyatt PR feel-good site – if you have any doubt, read the Posting Rules section. Don’t say anything critical.

Aside from the dreadful name, we really don’t know why anyone would either visit the site looking for self-serving “tips” or bother to contribute. If you’re curious anyway, visit