Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Worst Airline Seats

So you’re complaining about your 31-inch economy seat pitch on American or Northwest or Continental or....? Fly some of the cheap airlines of Europe (many are charter airlines) and you’ll be treated to seat pitches of 29 or even 28 inches. This list comes from the Skytrax UK website.

  • bmi Baby – 29”
  • easyJet – 29”
  • Belair – 28-31”
  • First Choice (short haul) – 28”
  • Monarch Airlines – 29”
  • Thomsonfly (short haul) – 29”

Separately, Skytrax lists North Korea’s Air Koryo as the only “1-Star” (lowest) of all rated airlines. It doesn’t say anything about Air Koryo’s seats.