Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Travel News: Minimum Stays, China Air Service, In-Flight Internet, US Airways

Minimum Stays Returning?
While not (yet) reverting to Saturday-night-stay requirements for the cheapest airfares, some airlines are re-instituting minimum stay requirements, in an effort to squeeze more money out of business travelers.

China Air Service Overview
The OAG travel website has a good article detailing air routes to China from the U.S. (It also discusses air to China from other parts of the world.) The story notes that currently only four Chinese destinations – Beijing, Shanghai, Hong Kong, and Guangzhou – can be reached by non-stop flights from the U.S.

In-Flight Internet Roundup
TravelTechTalk has a nice overview of in-flight internet either planned or in operation on U.S. carriers.

US Airways & America West
Does anyone other than us find it odd that three years after the “merger” of US Air and America West that we’re still getting email for both our newer (merged) US Air frequent flyer account and the older America West account? Even after the two programs merged mileage balances years ago? Or that the current US Air website’s title is still “US Airways America West Airlines Official Site”?