Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Travel Trends 2008 (?)

For some weird reason, we get a kick out of the traveller’s surveys that come out of TripAdvisor. The most recent was a survey of 2,500 users of the TripAdvisor website about their outlook on travel for 2008.

  • 41% of Americans said unfavorable exchange rates will prevent or limit their travel to Europe
  • 26% intend to be more environmentally conscious in their travel
  • 34% of Americans are planning to engage in an educational activity on vacation this year
  • 48% of travelers are likely to visit a spa while on vacation
  • 80% of travelers are concerned about germs, bacteria and viruses while traveling
  • 78% of travelers believe that cell phones should not be allowed on flights
These are, of course, the most pressing travel issues of today.

Europe was cheaper then: Old postcard circa 1930s, Piccadilly Circus, London