Tuesday, May 04, 2010

Consumer Reports Really Knows Travel

We know Consumer Reports has a huge following. But every time we see a CR article about something that we really know about (bikes, skis, travel, art, photography, kitchen knives, etc., etc., etc.) we find the articles and recommendations typically way off base. So why should we believe their recommendations about things we don’t know much about (vacuum cleaners, garbage disposals, dishwashers, beds, whatever)?

What got me going here is that CR just posted an article headlined: “What to do with your Continental and United frequent-flier points.” Yes, each and every media outlet needs to get in some news and commentary about the just-announced United-Continental merger, but “points”? Come on, CR, they’re called “miles.” Miles. Frequent flyer miles. (Oh, by the way, CR, you spell it “flier” in your headline and “flyer” in the text.)

I won’t even bother to address their “recommendations” for using your miles before or after the merger finalizes.