Thursday, March 26, 2009

Misc. Travel News

Icelandair will begin non-stop service from Seattle to Reykjavik beginning in July. Icelandair connects to about 20 European destinations, including London, Amsterdam, and Paris. Icelandair also has an interesting Premium Economy product; plus, there are no charges for layovers in Iceland.

TripAdvisor now has a booking engine that shows most added fees when searching for airfares, allowing more realistic comparison shopping. The site also has a new contest offering 1 million Continental miles.

According to SkyScanner, the number one complaint by air travelers is airlines’ hidden charges and fees. Following closely was queueing (Brit-speak for standing in lines – checkin, security, boarding) and lack of seat space.

Speaking of Iceland.... If, like us, you have an 09 international mobile phone chip (an Iceland operator), don’t rely on it in the future. Several reports indicate that 09 went bust with the Iceland economy.