Monday, September 22, 2008

Change of Focus

We’re back from three weeks in Scotland. During that time, we did a lot of thinking about travel and travel writing, and what part we play in that picture. The short answer is that we’ve decided to change the focus of this blog a bit. We’ll still occasionally offer some pertinent travel news; a little more often we might offer our “how to travel” tips; but we’ll much more commonly write stories, articles, and essays about the act and art of travel.

What we’ll be leaving out of this blog is just as important – grumpiness. We’re tired of the travel industry (especially the airlines, airports, TSA, and everything flying related), and we’re tired of complaining about the travel industry. Being curmudgeons, we’ll probably never completely stop pointing out some of the absurdities of travel, but we hope to lighten up a bit.

Finally, since we’ll be writing longer and more in-depth pieces, it’s quite likely that the frequency of our posts will change. We hope to put up something interesting once every week or two, although it could be more or less frequent. Check back with us occasionally, or be alerted to new posts by using one of the subscription links on the right.

If you are inclined to continue to visit our site as we change our style, we appreciate your interest. If our new offerings aren’t to your taste, here are several other good travel news blogs we read and enjoy that you might also consider reading.

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Thanks for your loyalty. Enjoy your travels.