Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Amazon – Another Good Cash-Back/Travel Credit Card

If you spend a lot at Amazon (as we do), you might consider the Amazon Visa card, which offers 3 “points” per $1 spent at Amazon. This works out to 3% cash back or an Amazon credit. You can also use “15,000 points [for] $150 off [an] Airline Ticket” and “25,000 Points [for a] Round-Trip Airline Ticket Within the 48 Contiguous United States.” We can not yet find if this requires purchase through a travel-agent partner, but it should still represent at least 3% (or better, if the price limit on the round-trip ticket offer is higher than $250). This is far better than what we consider our return (2%) on an airline credit card. There is also the option of converting “6,000 Points [in] Exchange for 5,000 British Airways Miles.”

With the card, you also get a $30 credit for your first purchase with the card, and double reward points for the first 90 days. Purchases at “Gas Stations, Restaurants, and Drugstores” offer the equivalent of 2%, and it’s 1% everywhere else you use the card. (We think you can do better than that with other cards.) There are other rewards available, and there is no annual fee.