Saturday, April 12, 2008

bmi's Boss Has an Opinion

We generally love it when a CEO puts his or her mouth on the line. This quote from bmi airline’s boss, as reported on Breaking Travel News, isn’t some trite mumbo-jumbo from a PR flak. The quote is in response to news that British Airways (BA) will delay moving its long-haul flights to London Heathrow’s Terminal 5 until June. (BAA is Heathrow’s operator.)

Nigel Turner, bmi chief executive officer, said: “It is an absolutely outrageous announcement by BAA and done with no thought, consideration or consultation of any other airline other than BA. The sequence of moves affects over 50 airlines, including bmi, at Heathrow. The programme and timescale of changes was agreed in joint consultation with all airlines that are now geared up to undertake the moves as agreed.

“BAA and BA have shown a total disregard for all other airlines and their passengers at Heathrow in coming to this decision because of their own shortcomings and their inability to implement an agreed plan.

“BA through their mismanagement of the move to Terminal 5 will materially disadvantage all other airlines at Heathrow whilst BAA, through their perverse regulatory system, will actually benefit financially. The UK is once again a laughing stock

“This is yet another clear example of BAA treating airlines and passengers with contempt and no consideration whatsoever to a consultation process that took some considerable time to achieve an acceptable programme of terminal moves.”