Friday, December 28, 2007

New Year’s Travel Resolutions

Since everybody is getting in the game, we thought we’d play too. Here are our 2008 Travel Resolutions.

  • We will always attempt to travel with only carry-on bags.
  • We’ll keep a food and wine diary – both written and photo.
  • Outside the cities, we will never again depend on foreign public transportation (we’d be happy to never ride a bus again in our lives).
  • We will never intentionally go to Europe (or most anywhere) in summer.
  • We might consider sampling a cruise – a very small one that stops at a lot of interesting ports.
  • We will find an international cell-phone chip that really works.
  • We will not hoard frequent flyer miles, but use them often.
  • Being pescetarians (yea, it’s a word; here’s the Wikipedia definition), we’ll always bring food on the airplane.
  • We will save all boarding passes, receipts, and other travel documents after our travel ends.
Have a great 2008. Painting by Francesca.