Sunday, March 25, 2007

Favorite On-line Travel Resources

“Ten Best” lists can get awfully boring. Our eyes really glaze over and we reach for the bottle of wine when we see “The 100 Best.” Yet like most journalists, we do have our favorites, and we’re opinionated enough to want to share them with you. So without embellishment, and without including any of our own websites, here is a short list of our favorite on-line travel resources.

Our 6 Favorite Travel BLOGS
Perrin Post -
Today in the Sky -
Upgrade: Travel Better -
The Cranky Flier -
Ellipses -
Johnny Jet -

Our 6 Favorite Travel WEBSITES
USA Today Travel -
New York Times Travel -
Sunday Times Travel (London) -
CNN Travel -
International Herald Tribune Travel (Paris, in English) -
TripAdvisor -

Our 3 Favorite Travel NEWSLETTERS
Internet Travel Tips -
The Travel Insider -
Visit Europe -

Our 1 Favorite Traditional (Printed) Travel Magazine’s WEBSITE
Conde Nast Traveler -

(We recently ran across a collection of old travel photos by our parents and grandparents, as well as many old travel postcards. We thought we'd share a new image on each of these posts.)

Rennes, France - Old postcard from 1934